School Memories 3

The laughs, the lessons (well some): the teachers, the trips. Some of my best mates to this day are people I met at school. Some of the teachers, Mr Tighe and Mr Holleran to name but two, had a significant impact on my life. It was a good school.

Andy Mitten 1985-1992

I loved my time at UGS and especially the 6th form where I remember some great times in the common room! Fondly remember Mr Dixon and his GCSE English lessons, in fact it was he who inspired me to later go on to teach myself! Drove Mr Whalley mad in A-Level history lessons with my laid back attitude and tendency to joke around! One of my first memories of being in UGS is being taught by Miss Ganley and her response to a noisy class: 'Empty vessels make most noise'.

Sarah Edington 1991-1995

It was a small, friendly school, with excellent teachers. I especially enjoyed some of the 6th Form Clubs; Cultural Society with Mr Dixon and Hiking Club with Mr Cull. The English dept. teachers were all lovely, especially Mrs Digweed and Mr Dixon. I hated PE, because I can't hit or kick a ball to save my life. I was always being told off for being "lazy". 

Claire Riley 1985-1995

The people. Kept in touch with so many since school both in my year and outside. Also, in later years you realise what a brilliant education it was and how privileged you were to attend. Should have probably tried harder....! Mr Dixon changed my attitude in year 10 and probably saved my school career! Look back at his lessons with great fondness.

John Davies 1994-1999 

Great friends, great teachers, a fun Paris trip, Mrs Hughes's Art, Mr Mulholland's history, cheesy buns at breakfast in the canteen, chips and cheese or chips and tuna at lunch (now sounds revolting!)

Fran Carr 1994-2001

Pizza in Newton Hall, Lower School Discos and Grey PE knickers. In my time at Urmston Grammar the addition to the back of the new block was made including the cloisters, 6th Form common room and performance theatre. To know the school before and after, this addition made a huge difference, using the sixth form common room and the plush new theatre was sheer luxury.

Jennifer O'Neill 2000-2008

I'm reminiscent of the wonderful carol concerts we had at school. I was in the orchestra and choir and loved being part of the shows we did. Mr Fletcher (and his band) and Mrs Medhurst (Morris Minim, Charlie Crotchet, Sammy Semibreve!) were great. I have fond memories of the girls' school. The schools mixed in my 5th year but they didn't mix our year so we could concentrate on exams. The teachers I remember most are Miss Lowe, Miss Fowler, Miss Forrest (History and Archaeology), Mrs Lewis, Mrs Digweed (English) and Mr Pennington, Mrs Day (Physics). I loved being in the hockey team, I played left half.

Clare Moorhouse (Lee) 1984-1991

Enjoyed how relaxed and friendly all the staff were.

Dan Easdon 2005-2012

I loved the school (apart form maths!!) and made a number of friends who are still a huge part of my life now! I loved music with Mr Fletcher and my love of singing, which he nurtured, continues to this day as I am still a member of a choir. I loved English form my first lesson with Mrs Phillimore through to Mr Dickson, Mrs Digweed and the inimitable Mr Dixon hence my choicce of degree so huge thanks to them! I wasn't a huge fan of history but still remember Miss Forrest's re-enactment of Buddica. I have less fond memories of her teaching us about the Lindow Man - I had to go out of class to be sick!! Happy Days!!

Joanne Bryden 1987-1994

Good school, good teachers, good environment. I made some good friends there and Learned a lot.

Anthony Knight 1983-1990