School Memories 4

The thing I enjoyed the most about school was the sports - rounders and hockey. The girls school was very strict but when we merged with the boys school it was great. A lot more fun, great camaraderie and great friendships. Loved Mr Rudol - PE teacher - we did trampolining every lunch time with him.

Kate Cassidy (Tootell) 1985-1990

Urmston Grammar provided great opportunities and a first rate education. Having moved out of the area I realise how lucky I was not to be one of thousands in some god awful comprehensive. We had trips to France (the last ever to La Rochelle I think), theatre visits and decent advice on how to get into the best universities. The teachers were always available and a valuable resource. My particular favourites were Mrs Day (Physics), Mr Campbell (Physics), Mrs Harris (Chemistry), who also was a favourite of my mum under her maiden name Miss Street I think, and Mr Cull from the old boys school (Chemistry) was also great with entertaining lessons and experiments you're probably not allowed to do now.

Jenny Scholfield 1989-1996

It sounds like a cliche, but it was the people. We were friends at school and we're still friends now.

Emma MacPherson 1989-1996

Playing on the school football team, every school year had a team and every Monday morning in assembly the results of each team were read out. I had the same form teacher for 7 years Mr Alan Fowler who was a wonderful guy. 

Tony Lander 1975-1985

My favourite lesson was food tech, Mrs Crow was so kind and helpful. She taught to such a high standard. Mr Parker was always so inspirational in English and made language so interesting. Mr Campbell always helped me with Physics and took time in lessons to explain things in a different way, fantastic teacher. Mr McPartland brought humour to the classroom making history current with all his stories. Always loved the jokes Mr Spinks made in assembly. Everyone politely laughed while I always belly laughed...really was my sense of humour.

April Lander 2002-2009

Friendships - many of which still exist today and those friendships were responsible for many great memories. Independence - it was good getting more responsibility moving from junior to high school and then again into 6th form. Facilities - I used to live breaks playing football on the all weather pitch and loved playing badminton in the sports hall.

Dan Petticrew 1985-1992

Amazing friends, culture and teachers. Loved every single day there! Lessons were fun and everyone just got on so well! Loved the France trip to La Rochelle in 1991, chaotic for the poor teachers! 19 hr coach journey! Conwy field trip in '94 was amazing, laughed the whole time there! Mr Tighe and Mr Weems were the best! It was truly an amazing time and I pray my 4 year old will go there.

Joanne Greenhalgh 1988-1995

The majority of the teachers were great. They actually wanted you to do well for yourself, not just for statistics etc. Even of they were extremely busy, the teachers made time to see you. My favoutite teacher has got to be Mrs Rogers, who taught me German.

Katie Twidell 2005-2012 

I enjoyed Physics, graphic products and electronics the most. The main memories from my school time are the people I went to school with. Most of the memories are having detention with Mr Dickson where he read his book to us. Also getting screamed at for playing football on the astro-turf in the pouring rain by the PE teachers.

Adam Garner 2002-2007

Friendships and teachers, really enjoyed 6th form.

Ashley Westwood 2000-2007 

Always liked the (over) competitive nature of the inter form games. Skiing and especially drinking beer in Austria with Mrs Ruthven! Fond memories of Miss Lowe. Trying to play hockey on the lumpish pitch ever!

Jackie McShane 1983-1990