School Memories 5

The geography field trip we did as part of our A-Level course was a highlight for me.

Tim Cuthbert 1985-1992

 I loved art lessons with Mrs Yarker and I think a few of us practically lived in the art rooms whilst doing A-Level art and craft. We had a lovely time, it was like our second common room. I think it was Miss/Mrs Clark (?) who taught us for A-Level English and I likes her lessons too. I remember Mr Pennington being a real charachter and the fact that I scraped a C in O=Level physics is a testament to his teaching as I really wasn't very good at it at all. I also really enjoyed chemistry ( a science I was good at) with Mrs Barker. Miss Ganley scared me and I remember her advising me not to pursue a career in art as it would be a waste. I ignored her and don't regret it at all. Mrs Digweed was our form teacher in 3rd year and I remember having lots of lovely form time with her. On one occassion, she let us listen to a tape recording of a radio show from the previous night, when a few of us had been to Caroline Whittle's house and appeared on Timmy Mallett's radio show, as the first ever 'First class Class'! A pop band (H2O) played a song a t her house and we were introduced on the radio by a young Chris Evans, who at the time was calling himself Nobby N'O'Level. Third year was my most memorable year at school as we also went on a skiing trip to France and that was brilliant. The teachers who came with us were Mrs Medhurst (and her son), Miss Hill (and her boyfriend) and Mr Pennington, along with another teacher, can't recall her name, think she taught Biology.We had a mirror that accompanied our form to each new form room every year, no idea where it came from originally! Rebecka Jackson reminded me that one year (3rd maybe) some 5th years tried to steal it from us and we wouldn't let them have it. I remember whilst doing A-Levels, I took GCSE Information Technology and myself and a few others persuaded Mr Parker (who taught IT at the time) to let us use the computers at lunchtime as we wanted to start a school magazine. I don't think the magazine ever went ahead.

Lorraine Pettecrew (Maguire) 1982-1989

I remember really enjoying being part of the first GCSE PE group. We did an orienteering trip to Skipton which was amazing! It snowed the whole time we were there. I also loved my form. I was in R and made friends for life. I'll never forget the washing machine dance we had to do in year 1.

Hannah Perkins 2001-2008

Sixth Form has some of the best memories for me. On the academic side, Mr Parker's and Mr Copestake's fantastic English lessons and Mrs Rogers's and Mrs Cox's enthusiasm for the German language ultimately decided what I studied at university - English and German. Newton Hall was where my friends and I spent most of our free time, and unexpected free periods were the highlight of the week. I remember us all being desperate to be appointed Year 7 Prefects as that would mean we'd get to go along on the Lakeside Residential trip in September. Our group was bitterly disappointed to be given a Year 9 class as they were far less impressed by older students than the fresh-faced Year 7s and thoroughly enjoyed giving cheeky answers to the question "why haven't you got your planner signed?"

Jessica Walker 2005-2012

The teachers were dedicated to helping the pupils succeed. They went above and beyond (gave up breaks/lunch, were available before and after school) to revise or assist with coursework.

Natalie Webb-Riley 1989-1996

I loved being in the choir, sixth form review and Christmas concerts.

Helen Dixon (Clapperton) 1982-1989

It was an all girls school then which I loved. My favourite teachers were Miss Forrest - History and Miss Ganley - English and Mrs Heaton I think her name - history teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at school although looking back it was quite old fashioned! Miss Jobling was the Head for a short time then Miss Lowe - shoes had to be no more than 2 inches and our skirts had to be a certain length. You would be in serious trouble if they were too short! School sports day was always the same - Mr Pennington taking a rose to Miss Hill the PE teacher - poor Mr P - the only male teacher in the whole school!! I still love History to this day.

Linda Twidell (Fraser) 1980-1987

I loved my time at school - I have lifelong friends from my time there and really fond memories. The girls' school teachers were a lot warmer than the boys' school teachers I seem to remember!

Catriona Kennedy 1985-1987

Although at the time you don't realise it, the drive to succeed that you build whilst at UGS is what enables you to push yourself when you leave to continue with studying/career choices. There was always fun to be had and I made some of the best friends I could hope for whilst at school. I have extremely happy memories of both friends and teachers.

Jemma Porter 2005-2010

I loved the atmosphere at the school, how it was fairly relaxed but there was a mutual respect between teachers and students. My favourite lessons/teachers were Maths with Mrs Parker and Business with Mr Kearns, probably because they were my best subjects! Loved how they made it relevant for us. Especially in Business when Mr Kearns talked about his time in practice - had to laugh when I recently made it to the mailing list for the recruitment company I think he set up!

Rebecca Hiney 2002-2009