School Memories 6

I loved being at Bradfield Road as a boys' school. Girls arrived in 6th form and that was a very big change in culture along with a change in leadership with the arrival of Mr Holland as headmaster. Under Mr Henderson's headship, I received a traditional liberal academic education. This was pre national curriculum days and the school was free to set its own syllabus and standards. It gave me two great gifts which have served me well through life: first, the deisre and ability yo learn; second, the recognition of the limits of my current knowledge. The standard of teaching was generally very good. Four of the masters deserve special praise: Mr Dickson was my form tutor in Newcroft House and also taught  English. He kept alive a love of literature, Mr Cull (Chemistry) gave me enduring love  of science, Mr Dixon (English) expanded my cultural horizons and Mr Thompson (English and RE) gave me an enduring interest in philosophy.

Richard Ballam 1983-1990

Made some good friends. Mrs Day and Mr Pennington had physics lessons interesting. Also enjoyed mixing with the boys school later on and the fun and games that came of being in a co-ed school!

Elena Savva 1985-1991

I loved being a pupil here. The teachers seemed lovely and I remember loving my French lessons with Madame Paul when I was in 1P and she was definitely the inspiration for me becoming a French teacher. I loved Mrs Dutton and Miss Scott (Mrs Crow) and did applied consumer science for one of my A Levels as well as French and German. I liked school dinners - my favourite was chips and beans followed by apple pie and cream. I remember commuting to Newton Road via coach when in lower 6th when we were based at Bradfield Road. Loved the new building in the upper 6th when we were all back at Newton Road. Loved netball and athletics! Made lots of friends many of whom I am still in touch with but miss my best friend Heidi who sadly passed away in 2003.

Donna Warrington 1984-1991

The people, the teachers, the ethos.

Gary Robinson 1994-2001

I enjoyed the friendly environment of the school and the desire to help you achieve your goals that was held by all the staff and they would do anything to achieve that. My fondest memories were of the History and Business Department and the close rapport we had with them.

Edward Stanley 2007-2014

Great friends, Geography field trip, being at the girls school and the move to Bradfield Road and so much more. Great times, great memories. Favourite teachers were Mr Pennington, Mr Weems and Mr Tighe.

Sarah Jones 1985-1992

I really enjoyed the vibe of the school, everybody was friendly and the teachers were always willing to help. Some of the teachers in particular were very enthusiastic and always made their lessons interesting and engaging. In particular I liked playing in the schools hockey and rounders teams, and did this most evenings of the week, as I helped coach the younger years.

Bethany Easdon 2005-2009

I made great friends that I am still in regular contact with. 

Steve Green 1986-1993

The teaching staff - the history department were the ones who had the most jokes with students. Expo was always a good week of activities in the summer, followed by sports day (when it changed to Longford Park)

Melissa Daley 2009-2016

I always enjoyed being with my form at Urmston Grammar, I also had some great teachers as well. Although I had my struggles I owe a lot to the grammar school. My favourite teachers would have to be Mr Weems who I had for a year, Mr Khan in ITC and I will always remember the extra help Mrs Hughes who was my form tutor in my final year gave me and how even with my struggles she would not let me not believe in myself and how far I could go. My favourite subject was always food tech and even though I wasn't great at it, art with both Mrs Vickers and Mrs Hughes.

Hallam Monk 2002-2008