School Memories 7

I loved going to the school as it was such a friendly place and the teachers I had cared about their pupils. I started off in the all girls school and we mixed with the boys in the 2nd year. It became even better when the boys arrived! There was quite a lot of disruption due to the new building and lack of space at Newton Road so in my 4th year we all moved to Bradfield Road. We had such a good time there and I was gutted when we moved back. 6th Form was great. We had a lot more freedom and some amazing teachers. They treated us more like adults than kids and made us take responsibility for our own work. We knew what we had to do to get good grades and we didn't want to let them down. My favourite teachers were my home economics teachers Mrs Crow and Mrs Dutton.

Laura Johnson (Kirkham) 1987-1995

I enjoyed my time there and particularly the people I met. I particularly liked the music room and studio that developed. I thought the Maths department was very good, Mrs Day the physics teacher was great and when I was in lower school studying history I really enjoyed the lessons from Mr Bird and Mr McPartland. Mr Elston was great too in the language department.

Samuel Mottaghi-Taromsari 2005-2012

Some good friendships and looking back (though I am not sure I appreciated it at the time) some very inspiring and memorable teaching courtesy of teachers like Miss Ganley who's passion for literature has given me a lifelong love of reading.

Andrea Smith 1978-1986

My favourite part of my time at school was all of the incredible friends I made, a lot of whom I still see. I also loved art lessons with Mrs Hughes and Mrs Vickers. They were the reason why I ended up pursuing and succeeding in Graphic design and Illustration.

Ryan Glossop 2005-2012

Some great teachers - in particular Bill Dixon (English), Bill Kirshner (Maths), Colin Cull (Chemistry) and Bob Shaw (Physics). 6th form 'cultural society' run by Mr Dixon and the annual day trips to London where we set loose at Euston station and were expected to stay out of pubs in favour of museums and art galleries.

Richard Flitcroft 1983-1990

Loved everthing about it - teachers were supportive, loved the sport (and the competitiveness), made lifelong friends.

Nicola Stanley (Standring) 1983-1990

A combination of the friendly teaching staff and great school mates across all the years made UGS a great place to be. The best teacher by far was Bill Dixon but to be fair pretty much all the teachers were great and we had a great form teacher in Mrs Cooley.

Mark Payne 1982-1987

I only really have happy memories at UGS. Most of the teachers were great especially as we got older. I realise now and after looking at other high schools how brilliant the facilities we had were and since leaving it seems it's improved even more! My favourite teachers were Mr Bradshaw and Mr Hines. Made A Level PE fun and there was a lot of banter with our small class.

Sophie Barton 2004-2011

Looking back now, just hanging out with everyone.

Luke Taylor 1999-2006

I enjoyed spending time with friends, one of whom is still my best friend, and knowing I was getting a first rate education.

Laura Oversby (Hill) 1997-2002